Reception Halls Foggia - Casa Freda
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A charming and elegant mansion for alluring weddings.

casa freda sposi

The story of Casa Freda begins in the 1300s, when it is known that it was donated by the Queen Joanna II of Naples to her illegitimate nephew, Rinaldo of Durazzo.

In the 1700s, the mansion was bought by the Fredas, a rich family that, during the magnificent wedding between the crown prince Francis I and Maria Clementina of Austria, competed in the reception of the royal spouses in Foggia. On that occasion, the Fredas were raised to the rank of Marquess by the King. The ancient Marquess Freda’s country house, today known as “Casa Freda”, in 2005 has been restored to its original vocation as a charming wedding venue by Maria Pina Capobianco.

Everything is extraordinarily comfortable, unquestionably beautiful and seductive.

It’s wonderful to feel so comfortable from the very first moment in an unusual, peculiar and never seen place. The astonishment in Casa Freda  doesn’t originate from excesses, you can feel it in the atmosphere, in the beautiful colors and in the wide spaces. Everything is designed, with a personal touch, to give a marvelous, warm reception, as in the old times.

So, here is where tradition and innovation melt together in a thousand different ways in order to create pure pleasure.


Elegant, determined and passionate, Maria Pina Capobianco exalted the art of food catering when it was still unknown in Foggia. After an eclectic past, working as interpreter in Parma, she fed her passion for cuisine, collaborating with a company specialized in event management.

Starting as a simple collaborator, in 1986, her natural inclination for catering and her tenacity, allowed her to become business partner of the company she was working for, Parma Meeting. In these prolific years, the company acquires prestigious customers such as Barilla, Star, Nestlé and Bormioli.

An exciting experience that awakens a dormant passion. Nine years later, Maria Pina comes back to Foggia for a few days and falls in love. So, she decides to move to Capitanata and to invest in banqueting, an unknown sector in those days.

Woman and entrepreneur, Maria Pina’s challenge is to change the way to wed: luxury farms, private residences and rural buildings are transformed to host charming events. Maria Pina is a role model in organizing refined and charming weddings, and she chooses Casa Freda, an ancient mansion, to set up exclusive weddings and events.

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